Monday, July 31, 2017

P-day 45: Day 321 - "I feel very blessed."

Here's Nathanael's last letter. Sounds like he had a fun p-day!

Hey guys,

This week has been good for me. I'll start with today and go backwards. Today we got permission to go the mall (Dom Pedro) in Campinas, which is outside of our mission, and we spent the whole afternoon there. It was so dang awesome haha. We took a bunch of pictures and I'll send them to you at some point. It felt so much like being at home that it was weird. I got to eat Taco Bell (did you know that this city is the only place in Brazil that has Taco Bell, literally? awesome) and KFC. It was rad. I also finally got to buy myself a Japanese to Portuguese dictionary to entertain myself at night. I don't know if I mentioned it but I've been learning Japanese at night to have fun the last little while. It's nice. The dictionary was about 100 reais (like 40 bucks) so count it as my birthday present for myself. (?!) I also cut my hair and it ended up kinda... too worldly... I don't know, I kinda feel like a rebel, but it'll work out haha.

On Sunday our investigator that talked to us on the bus a couple weeks ago, Edson, went again, and after church he asked us how he can know when he needs to be baptized. Yeah! That really surprised me. So he's gonna have his baptismal interview tomorrow. I hope that all works out ok, and I feel very blessed.

During the week I felt totally destroyed and exhausted. As you guys know I've been struggling a lot. I'm trying to stay obedient, work hard, love the people, and take care of myself. There's a lot we can talk about, but for now the point is that I feel like I'm hanging on ok most of the time. I get down sometimes but during the day you just gotta keep doing your best. I'm not getting everything right but hopefully I'm at least going in the right direction. Sometimes I wish you guys were here and we could just have a real face to face chat and I could just explain everything. Something I've learned about my mission is that life here is full of choices between more or less bad and more or less bad, and not really between good and bad. You know what I mean? Do you guys think that life in general is really like that? It's so hard to see through the fog sometimes, because I really really really wanna get it all right and I just can't. Anyway, food for thought.

Love you guys. It was fun to see the pictures you all sent. Miss you and hope you guys have a fun week. 

Elder Sederholm

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