Monday, July 24, 2017

P-day 44: Day 314 - "It's been a good week for me."

As we chatted a little more, it became obvious that Nathanael is struggling a little. He's going through the classic mid-mission slump, but he'll be okay. We got lots of pictures this week so I'm going to include some of them here. We love you Nathanael! You've got this!!


It's been a good week for me. We've been working a lot with members, challenging them to share the gospel and stuff like that. That's been really great. We also (a couple weeks ago) had a guy talk to us on the bus, and we've been teaching him and he went to church on Sunday. I'm happy about that. Yesterday was my companion's birthday so some investigators and members threw 2 separate parties for him, and that was really awesome. Things have honestly been pretty normal around here, so there's not much to say haha. I'm excited for my birthday which is coming up in a few weeks. I came across a Japanese book of mormon so at night I've been trying to learn Japanese to entertain myself. It's really hard though haha.

Sounds like Shakespeare festival was fun. I'm super jealous of course but happy you guys had that experience. Mom, your comment about cake made me laugh because basically all of the cities I've lived in have been pretty much like that. Super small towns. This city right now is a pretty decent size though.

Sorry I don't have much to say :( I'm happy to talk to you guys though, and it'll be good to chat back and forth a little bit. Miss you guys tons. Hope you all have a great Pioneer Day! Love you guys!
Elder Sederholm

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