Tuesday, June 27, 2017

P-day 40: Day 286 - "I'm leaving a part of myself behind."

We heard from our friends in Brazil via FaceBook that Nathanael was going to be transferred even before he could tell us. It's bittersweet for him. He's excited for a new adventure but will really miss his sweet friends in Avare. I'm grateful to them for their willingness to share news and pictures with us from so far away. It's reassuring to know he is being cared for.

I've been missing Nathanael more than usual this week. I just miss having him around so much. It's been a tough week for me, but I'm so proud of him and what he is accomplishing. Almost 10 months in the field!!

Nathanael sent lots of fun pictures this week! I'll include some of them here:

Enjoy his letter!

Good morning parents!

So I guess you guys heard I'm getting transferred! Who told you? I'm excited and nervous all at once. All this time I was really thinking I would stay but this last week I was feeling really stressed about the work in our area and I knelt down to pray, and had the strong impression that I had almost completed my responsibilities here. Next thing you know I'm getting transferred ;P crazy how fast my time here in Avaré has passed. I'm kinda relieved to be going to a new area but I feel really sad, too. I almost cried when I said goodbye to Iuri and his family. (I don't know if I've talked about them much but ask me sometime, they're an awesome family and a really awesome story.) I've come to really love some of the families and members here and I feel a little like I did when I left home to come to Brazil, like I'm leaving a part of myself behind. Don't really know how to explain that -- it's a really sad feeling but I'm grateful to have known the people here. Maybe someday I'll come and visit!

This week that family we brought to church last week didn't go. I think they're trying to avoid us actually, which is a bummer, but what can you do. The work went really slow this week, and there was a lot going on. Elder Hansen had 2 baptisms and we went to those, which was awesome. 

I'm going to Sumaré! My area will be Matão A or B (not sure), and my companion will be Elder Britos. He's hispanic which should be totally awesome and different. He'll be my first non-brazilian companion. I think Elder Hoch's ok with the transfer. His second companion will be Elder Keeler, another American from Elder Hansen's group. Like I said I'm excited but sad. Oh and I'll be living with 3 other missionaries again. I have all the luck haha. Living with another companionship is generally awesome. I don't know who it'll be yet, if I know them, but we'll see!

We had interviews with President Bangerter this week. He told me that I'm doing a really good job and that I'm an excellent missionary. As you know I have my doubts but when he said that I felt the Spirit confirm that to me. It was as if God was speaking through him in that moment. That was neat for me. But my best experience was I think Saturday, when I prayed to know if I was missing anything -- sort of a "what lack I yet?" type of prayer. I had an impression a little while after, during the baptism on Saturday, where I felt like the Lord was asking me, "why can't you just let it be all right?" or in other words, "it's all right." Don't know when I'll get the message but I was really grateful for yet another confirmation of that truth.

We were learning about sacrifice in the Gospel Principles class yesterday and the teacher said something that really touched me. He talked about 3 Nephi 9:19, which says that our sacrifice to the Lord should be a broken heart and a contrite spirit. I had already heard and thought about that, but he talked a lot about what a broken heart really is and said that it's a heart whose will is in line with Heavenly Father's. That really touched me. I had never thought about that as being the sacrifice that the Lord asks of us, but as something good that we should do. It reminded me again that the Lord really doesn't want our actions, but he wants our will, he wants our entirety. It made me really stop to think if I sometimes do the missionary stuff just because I should, or because I know it's right, but without will. I guess if we do all the stuff but we'd rather be somewhere else, we're missing the point anyway. So my goal is to turn my will a little bit more over to the Lord before worrying about my outward actions so much.

Love you guys so much!!! Papa told me that you guys had a lot of fun last week and that they went to Glenwood, which rules, and I'm jealous. Anyway, have a good week. <3 <3

Love you guys!!
Elder Sederholm

p.s. I've been reading Acts for the first time lately and I've been really impressed with Paul's sense of humor. You guys have probably read Acts and you might think I'm joking but I'm serious. It's worth checking out. Seriously, Paul has one- liners! The scriptures are awesome in so many ways. Anyway, have a good week. By the way, I'm leaving the LAN house now because we have to go to Botucatu now (for the last time :( ) but I'll be back in the afternoon and we can talk. Love you guys!!

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