Tuesday, June 20, 2017

P-day 39: Day 279 - "*mic drop*"

I think Nathanael is feeling a little discouraged this week even though it sounds like things are going pretty well. I'm so grateful we have a few minutes to email back and forth because it's fun to be able to talk through these things with him in the moment. Transfers are coming up this next week and he says he's feeling like he will stay in Avare. We'll see! Love you Nathanael!


Enjoy his letter!


It was so good to get your guys' letters. Thanks as always. Mom I read your talk and it was great. You're always spot on and so wise. I bet that talk went really well. Dad that's awesome that you got invited to write an article! I'm excited for you. Cassie's room looks really great too. I'm happy that Grandma and Papa are visiting; I've been thinking about them lately. I bet you guys are having a lot of fun and i'm jealous! Go Owlz!

This week was extremely stressful for me, but it was really good too. We've been teaching a family of 6 and they went to church this Sunday. *mic drop* So that was extremely cool! Like extremely extremely cool. I'm very excited. And we had some really great spiritual experiences. We invited a boy to pray about the Book of Mormon and we asked him how he felt, and he said he didn't even have words to describe the emotion that he felt. It was really neat. He unfortunately didn't go to church because his mom took him to another city on Sunday but he went to a church activity on Friday and really liked it. He's already accepted the invitation to be baptized.

The longer I'm a trainer the more I'm feeling like I have no idea what I'm doing. That aspect of things is so overwhelming and stressful. Especially now that we have actual interested, progressing investigators, I'm freaking out. I know it's a reason to celebrate haha but I don't wanna screw it up either.

Next week is transfers and I'm starting to think I'm gonna stay here in Avaré again. We'll see. I'll know next P-Day already so I'll let you guys know. Either way is good for me, so I'm chill. Avaré is really awesome but I'm ok to leave too. If I stay, at the end of the next transfer I'll have 11 months and only 2 areas. Oh well haha. That's fine.

I did a division with Elder Almeida, one of our zone leaders, this week. He really wanted to help us have investigators in sacrament meeting. It worked! My stress has been worse this week than it has been in several months. It's just part of the adjustment process though. I already feel like I'm starting to handle it a little better. With new responsibilities always comes a little bit of stress I think. I was talking to Elder Almeida (he noticed I was pretty stressed) and he told me that when he trained he had no idea what he was doing, but if I do the best that I can and know how, it'll be enough for the Lord and I'll know I did my part. I liked that a lot and think that makes sense. 

Anyway I think that's about it. Love you guys. Can't wait to talk to you soon!!

Elder "Sid" Sederholm

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