Tuesday, May 30, 2017

P-day 36: Day 258 - "I just wanna get it right, you know?"

I have been totally remiss and haven't posted this week's letter yet, not to mention last week's. So I'm going to start with last week's letter and we'll go from there.

In general, Nathanael is doing great but I sensed a little bit of discouragement in his letter. I'm glad that we get to email back and forth for a few minutes each week because we can chat about the things that are bothering him and help him to reconcile them. I think he is in a good place and is progressing nicely.

Here are a couple of pictures he shared with us.

Hello parents! Hi! I hope you guys are doing good!

It's been a pretty good week for me. This week has felt a lot longer than normal weeks but it's been chill. We've been working hard like crazy and I've been feeling a little discouraged on and off because we haven't had a lot of luck so far in terms of finding people to teach, teaching people and so on. 

The big news in the branch this week is that our super amazing branch president got released and put into the District presidency. He'll spend 2 weeks of every month in our branch still though which will be good. The problem is that our branch is basically in rebellion and one of the counselors said that he lost his testimony of the church and that he only believes in God but not in religion. Right on! So we're trying to deal with that too. Hopefully it's just a bunch of drama and nothing will actually happen. However our branch has a long history of having a lot of serious problems with basically everyone leaving the church, and then coming back, and then leaving again... so we'll see. It'll be ok. The good news is that Rosangela's husband, Luis, was called to be the new branch president and he's AMAZING. He already helps a ton and now it's gonna be even better. We'll see how it works out. Their family gave us a few potential references last week and we're going to contact them and it'll be great.

So on Saturday we took a bus to Botucatu (again) to go to the Botucatu district conference that was Saturday and Sunday. And tomorrow we have a Multizone in Piracicaba so we got permission from President Bangerter to stay here for P-Day. We're only going to get home on Tuesday night or Wednesday morning, we're not sure yet. So that's crazy. It's all good though. On Saturday I was feeling pretty destroyed and discouraged but during the meeting on Saturday I felt the Spirit really strongly. I felt that I'm doing a lot of good for the mission and that I don't need to worry about that, and I also remembered the blessing that Elder Guimarães gave me when I got sick. (I'm better by the way!) He blessed me that I would be able to find the people that God is preparing for me to find and that I will be able to be a good example for my companions. I didn't think much of that blessing at the time but now that I'm training it makes a lot more sense. I worry a lot that I'm not doing enough to find people to teach, or that I'm messing up, but God has already promised me that I'll find the people who I'm supposed to find, who I'm here for. I'm doing my best so this promise is mine. I'm good to go and that helped me feel a lot better. I just wanna get it right, you know? Haha. So I felt really strongly that I seriously have nothing to worry about and that everything's going to be ok. That made me happy. 

Sounds like you guys are having a fun time. I had forgotten that today is memorial day. I hope you guys do fun stuff. Are you gonna do something with Marge? I'm on the record jealous. 

Love you guys!!! Have a great week!!!
Elder Sederholm

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