Tuesday, May 9, 2017

P-day 33: Day 237 - "It's our best, small efforts that the Lord uses to save souls."

Counting down the days until Mother's Day!! I'm so excited to talk to Nathanael! I'm glad that he is having opportunities to visit the beautiful places of Brazil. And I'm grateful for the members who care for the missionaries.

Enjoy his letter!

Hey guys! What a week!

Actually this week was normal. But it was really good to hear from you guys!! I hope you're doing well. I don't have time to respond to everything in your letters but I love to read them and miss just being able to talk to you guys. I'm doing good though.

I'm sending like 40 pictures to you guys this week. They are mostly all of our new house and the stuff we did last P-Day so it's not that exciting but you know. 

As far as Mother's Day goes, we're probably going to go to Nando's house. He cooks really well and is awesome, (and has 2 computers) so it should be great. If we don't go there we're going to Rosangela's. Either way we'll have a place. I'm pumped to talk to you guys. Can you believe it's already been 5 months since the last phone call?? Time really flies. It's one of the miracles of mission service, haha. 

Another week and we haven't been able to teach that many people or bring really anyone to church. However we're working hard and focusing on trying to visit and help less-active and active members. That's been a very satisfying experience. I worry sometimes but I feel strongly that the Lord is satisfied with the service I'm offering and wants me to feel good and just do my thing. So, I can do that haha. My fear of talking to people is disappearing. I feel confident in the language. This Thursday Elder Hansen and I did divisions together and taught a bunch of people and we didn't even speak English together. (At all, seriously! Just portuguese!) So we're feeling confident and happy.

On Tuesday I was studying the Book of Mormon and read Alma 37 where it talks about small and simple things and stuff like that. I've always found that scripture kinda annoying (don't know why) but when I read it I felt the Spirit comfort me and I was able to understand that even when it seems like my best efforts don't always produce that many results (or don't seem to), it's our best, small efforts that the Lord uses to save souls. Good news for me!

I had the feeling this week that a really special blessing is coming for me this next transfer. I have this feeling a lot actually (sometimes I think it's the Lord's way of telling me that being a missionary in itself is a special blessing, haha) but that's good news. At least I didn't have the feeling it would be terrible! ;)

One of the most special things about being a missionary for me is when you feel a lot of love from the people or for the people. This week we've spent a lot of time serving with Sister Rosangela and her family and on Sunday I had the feeling of being loved by them come over me so strong that I literally started crying. I don't think anyone noticed but it was embarassing haha. We're here to serve the people and when people go out of their way to help us it's just so dang nice and really touching. So, know we're being treated well.

We visited a reference from our branch mission leader this week and that was a really spiritual and neat experience. She told us she felt a great peace when we were with her and that she felt like we truly were representatives of Jesus Christ. She talked really openly with us and we invited her to church. Unfortunately she didn't go, but we're going to help and encourage her to go next week. I hope that works out.

That's really it I think. Love you guys tons!!! Have a great week!!!!!
Elder Sederholm

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