Thursday, May 4, 2017

P-day 32: Day 230 - "I've felt myself getting braver and braver..."

We heard that Monday was Worker's Day in Brazil, similar to our Labor Day, and because of that many moms on Facebook were saying that they weren't expecting to hear from their missionaries because the internet places were closed for the day. So when we got this email at about 4:15 in the afternoon we were really surprised and excited. It's short and sweet because he's busy, but that's how it should be. I love and miss him so much!!

Hey guys!

Sorry it's late! We've had a great but crazy P-Day which means that I'm writing you guys at night. Last night we took 2 buses to go to Botucatu again but it was really awesome this time -- we spent the whole day with President Sidnei (our branch president), his family, and another family in our branch, visitng waterfalls and other nature stuff. It was so dang fun and I'll send a lot of pictures. They might not all load today because we don't have much time but if not I'll send the rest next week. And Sister Rosangela sent you some pictures too Mom. [Here are some of the pictures that Sister Rosangela posted. It looks like they had so much fun! Thank you to her and her family for taking good care of our boys!]

So it's been a pretty normal and great week! I've had a lot of really good experiences. One of the coolest things was that we had Sister Marriott from the general YW presidency visit our mission and she was really awesome. I've been trying to seek and follow inspiration from the Spirit this week and I had some ideas I really liked during that meeting. Sister Marriott was really nice and we had a great experience.

I've felt myself getting braver and braver too. I talked to a guy on the bus about the church this week. That may not sound like a big deal but I was really nervous, but it went well. To me stuff like that is a miracle. We see stuff like that a lot. A lady also stopped us on the street the other day and asked us to teach her daughter. Haha. It's pretty fun how stuff like that works out.

My time is really short and I won't be able to talk but just want to say I love you guys and I'm doing well. Looking forward to Mother's Day. I really enjoyed your letters and the pictures. It sounds like you're all doing great.

I'll talk to you next week! Love you!

Elder Sederholm

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