Wednesday, April 26, 2017

P-day 30: Day 216 - "We see miracles on a daily basis here."

I've been super slow to get this published! This one is short but sweet. Nathanael is really just plugging along with mission life now and that makes me surprisingly happy and content. I'm happy that he's happy.


It looks like you guys had such a fun time in San Diego. I'm super jealous and glad you guys had fun. It's been a good week for me too. This week was kinda crazy because we had to travel again (and right now we're traveling again... sigh) but what can you do? That's the mission. We work when we can haha. But Easter was good, and we contacted a really cool reference yesterday. He was nice and said we can come back on Friday. I want to baptize this transfer. I'm determined!! I'm sick and tired of not baptizing. Haha. It's gonna happen.

My companion is great like always. I'm really happy to still be companions with him and everything. Our new house is also awesome. Sorry I'm not sending photos today. We're in Botucatu this week again and I don't have my camera. I PROMISE you guys will get a lot of fun pictures next week. Lots of fun stuff has happened!

I think a lot about my mission as a whole from time to time and feel a lot of peace. I feel like the Lord is directing me and giving me inspiration and I always do my best to follow it. We see miracles on a daily basis here. Yesterday we had 2 non-members come to church that we didn't even invite and made plans to contact them during the week. Pretty awesome! Our attendance was down because lots of active families traveled for Easter but I found out that we have officially doubled the branch's attendance in 1 quarter. I got here a little late but I've still been able to be a part of this miracle and I'm grateful for that. It's amazing the things that happen when everyone tries their best. That's all God asks of us, and He's really blessing us for doing that.

I'm happy. I feel more and more self-sufficient as a missionary all the time. I fasted this weekend and asked for a lot of blessings and I feel that the Lord has blessed me with those things, or is blessing me. I basically just asked for a lot of help repenting of little errors and things like that and I feel stronger now. Growth is a slow process I think but it's cool to see how much I've grown from the time that I got here. Can you believe it's been 7 months? Time really flies!

I love you guys sooooo much!! (big kiss noise) I hope you guys are doing good. Know that I'm doing well and feel happy and confident more and more. Things are going good.

I think that's it! Love you guys!! Can't wait to talk to you soon!!

Elder Sederholm

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