Wednesday, March 15, 2017

P-day 25: Day 181 - "Só alegria!!!"

Nathanael sounds really great again this week! It makes me happy. And I'm really glad that he got his package - finally!!! I'm grateful that he got it and that everything seems to be in it. Thank you for supporting him. As he says at the end of his email, getting letters and emails from home always makes him happy.

Enjoy his letter!


How are you guys doing?? It was great to get your emails as always. I totally forgot that Pi Day was tomorrow. It's crazy how you start to forget stuff like that after a while. The work is going great. On Tuesday we had a Multizona activity so that kinda estragou (destroyed, haha) our week. We left on Sunday night to get to Botucatu, stayed there Monday, traveled to Piracicaba and then back to Botucatu on Tuesday, came back to Avaré on Wednesday only to go to Arandu (a different city that's part of our area) and back, and then we visited Arandu again on Friday. So it's been a kinda crazy week but we're doing what we can. Between us and the other guys we had 3 investigators in sacrament meeting including 2 that will probably (hopefully!!!!!!) be baptized on Saturday. We'll see. She (Flavia) struggles with the Word of Wisdom but has a testimony and knows she needs to be baptized. Her daughter, Fernanda, is 8 and... is 8. So if Flavia gets baptized she will too, haha. We're really excited about that. 

The members are awesome here and the leadership is really excited to get working with us. We had ward council yesterday and got organized, and yesterday to bond as a branch we played football (the American kind) with the branch president and the first counselor. I'll send a picture. The first counselor is the bald guy and everyone calls him Batman. 

We're working a lot with less active members to try to help them come back to church and get referrals. That family that came to church last week is really great too. Turns out they're not in my area but Elders Hansen and Souza are working with them and at least the mom will almost definitely be baptized next week, which is rad. Só alegria!!! Being a missionary is so fun! There are a lot of difficulties but lots of blessings too.

Lately I've been struggling with the feeling that I don't do enough -- for example, I don't tend to talk to that many people around me, though I've been working on my confidence in lessons which has been great. But when I pray for guidance I tend to get little "tips" from the Spirit and I'm following those instead of just trying to be perfect now. For example I got a little impatient the other day and I had the feeling to just let it go. That sounds really small but it's really turned my perspective around in terms of how I do a couple things and now I'm a slightly better missionary. So stuff like that is really positive and good. Sometimes I feel like I can never possibly measure up to what I imagine that the Lord expects of me but I know that's where grace comes in. It's all good really. I'm very happy and life is good.

I got my package!!!!!!! And everything was in it, I think, sunglasses, credit card, blanket and everything else. It's been great. That dang blanket is the best. And I look like MIB when I use my sunglasses (or maybe I just look stupid, I can't decide) so it's just the best. If it's all right with you guys I'm going to spend some money to buy some pants and a couple other things I need today. My stuff is kinda getting worn out after 6 months (#6months) so (haha) that's starting to become semi urgent.

This is gross but I finally (#hallelujah #miraclesarereal) dug out my ingrown tonail that I've had since December. It feels so much better. I was so happy when I got it that I almost cried. I stayed up till 11:30 digging it out, so it was kinda a struggle, but I didn't have to go to a brazilian hospital so it was all worth it. Did you know that they don't use anesthetic here? 

I got a couple letters -- one from Benson that I loved and a letter from Maren Rowan in the ward. I'll write Benson but let the Rowans know because I don't have a way to contact them please. Honestly I cried a little bit. It feels good to hear from people at home always. 

I think that's basically everything. There's a lot to say actually but after a while I end up just writing too much. Oh, and I'm so excited that Hailee's going on a mission!! She'll be great. Just wanted to mention that too.

Love you guys.
Elder Sederholm

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