Thursday, January 19, 2017

P-day 17: Day 125 - "Unfortunately there was no monkey feeding this week..."

Okay, after this email I feel like I need to clarify my post about how much the package (which is still stuck in customs, by the way) cost to mail. Because sending it FedEx or UPS would have been $600, I went to the post office and it turned out to be $132 through the USPS. Still expensive but not $600. 

I was sad to hear that Nathanael still hasn't gotten to feed the monkeys. I hope he gets to do that before he is transferred.

I feel like Nathanael is starting to settle in to mission life. It's hard, but he's getting used to it. I'm proud of him. Enjoy!

Hey guys!!

How are you all doing? This computer doesn't have a question mark key so I had to copy a question mark from an email and now I'm using ctrl+v. Gotta love it.

I heard about the transfer, and let's just say that life is gonna get crazy!! Just kidding. I'm staying in my same area but my companion, Elder Oliveira, is getting transferred to Piracicaba. I'll be companions with Elder L. Guimarães. Not sure how to pronounce that but it should be good. It's kinda nice to stay here. I kinda wanted to get transferred and get to know a new area but it will be good to be here so on. I have faith that the transfers are inspired. I'm nervous about being the guy with the knowledge of the area but I feel more or less confident, and at the same time I'm incredibly nervous. Oh well. Nothing can be more emotionally challenging than my first transfer, right? Right? Hopefully! I don't think I can do anything like that again. Man, this mission has been so hard. I was reflecting on these first two transfers on Friday and realized that I feel like I've genuinely survived something really difficult. I joked about feeling like a POW after getting home from Trek, and I kinda feel like that now, just on a really different and more real scale. I'm scared about this next transfer. That being said, i know it'll be ok. It's always ok in the end. I really feel that.

I'm sad about the package still being in customs. Hopefully that works out. I read your email that you sent me with the blog update -- did you really spend $600 to send the package??? Mother!! I'm not going to complain but dang woman! Haha. Anyway I hope that everything works out with that. 

Dad, HAPPY BIRTHDAY this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I could be there to celebrate with you all but you know how it goes. Time is starting to fly by for me. Guys, I've been so homesick the last couple days. It's been rough. I've been dreaming about you guys and Eric and a bunch of people from home and it just really is the worst to be homesick like this. I'm basically not discouraged about the work or anything, I'm just sad, and I don't know how to handle it. I think the only way out is through, you know what I mean? I've been away for 4 months now and it's great, the mission is so great and I'm so happy here and everything but I just miss you guys and my friends and everyone so much. I don't know what I can do. But anyway I will be ok I think, haha. It's all good. 

Ok some funny stories. First of all, we were teaching a lesson in Santo Antonio which is a really sketchy, favela-like neighborhood in our area. (The other day we saw someone smoking crack in the street there, but that's another story!) The lesson went late and we had to walk home in the dark. We were a little nervous and jumpy and we heard this incredibly loud noise behind us. We looked behind us and this guy had crashed on his motorcycle into a big dumpster and was just lying in the road. We didn't know what to do so we just kept walking and after a couple minutes an ambulance passed us. Wow, now that I'm typing this I'm not sure if this story is funny anymore, haha. Anyway... yeah, that happened. The other story is that Marco, our investigator, is a dentist, and we've been visiting him at work to teach him. Elder Oliveira was complaining about tooth pain and he asked Marco about it, and he gave my comp a checkup and everything. Turns out he has 6 cavities.

Unfortunately there was no monkey feeding this week but hopefully soon. I'm staying in the area so it might work out some other day.

Love you guys.

Elder Sederholm

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