Monday, January 9, 2017

P-day 16: Day 118 - "The good news is...we're going to go do that thing where you can feed the monkeys."

Nathanael sounds really good this week. His letter is upbeat and when we messaged with him he was playful and fun. I think he is starting to understand that it's all about the journey, that the purpose for being in Brazil is to do the will of Heavenly Father, and that as long as he is doing that, he will be successful. You can't measure success by the number of people you baptize. It's about progression and the lives you are able to touch in the process of the journey.

Update on the weighted blanket package: Stuck in customs since January 4th. I think they must think I was trying to smuggle drugs in it or something. I hope he gets it...

Here is his letter. Enjoy!

Hey guys,

How are you both? I love getting your emails and was really happy to hear from you this week. I hope you had fun with grandma. It's been a good week with highs and lows.

We worked hard this week. It's been a kinda interesting week because we've been refining our teaching group, cutting investigators that haven't shown signs of progression in a while. Our teaching group shrunk a lot and we didn't have anyone at church. And man, we tried so hard this week, haha. It was disappointing. We also walked over 20 kilometers (I think it was more honestly) on Saturday and that really wore us out, and I think I'm sick, and other stuff too! So like I said, highs and lows. I had a neat experience on Thursday though. I've really been trying hard to talk more in the lessons as I've felt more and more confident in the language. Larissa, a girl we've been teaching and trying to bring to church for a while, told us she prayed and received an answer -- that her church is right and that ours is definitely wrong! (It's really annoying how often this happens.) I felt like I really wanted to say something so I told her that I am trying to understand her and respect what she feels, because our personal relationship with God is something personal, obviously, but that I know our church is true and she can know that too. I think I made sense and I felt the Spirit, so that made me really happy. I think we're going to cut her soon but we tried.

We've also been working hard with Marco, even visiting him at work (at his request) and teaching him there. He understands everything we teach and likes the message, but he keeps saying he wants a really direct and concrete answer before he'll be baptized. We're frustrated because he's already received more than one answer but we're going to keep working with him. 

Yesterday was really hard. This week was better but I woke up yesterday with no gas in the tank. I had tears in my eyes all day and stuff like that. I felt so down and depressed and like a failure and I really struggled, but I had a neat experience. When I went to say my night prayer I felt like I didn't even know what to say, so I just started to pray and then just sat there. I felt the Spirit, and then I felt the strongest and most overwhelming feeling of being loved. I know I'm not perfect but God loves me, and if that's the point He wanted me to get from yesterday then I'm on the right track. Just gotta keep trying and going. The good news is, the work is becoming more second nature and comfortable for me. I'm really nervous for the upcoming transfer because I'll almost definitely have a new companion and I won't be training anymore, and I don't feel ready, haha. (Elder Francato, the traveling assistant who was with us, even said I would likely become a senior or even a trainer next transfer. WHAT? He may not have any idea what he's talking about but the prospect of that terrifies me!! At least I know the Lord is behind all this. If that happens, I'll let you guys know.) Oh well. 

Love you guys. I think that's everything. Sorry I didn't take a lot of pictures this week. I think you guys are probably tired of selfies. But the good news is next week we're probably going to go do that thing where you can feed the monkeys and I'll be sure to take pictures of that.

Elder Sederholm

Here's his selfie of the week (of course I love getting any pictures from him)!

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