Thursday, December 29, 2016

P-day 14: Day 104 - "I still have 'fé de novinho.'"

We were surprised and happy to get a short email from Nathanael on the Monday after Christmas! He told us they wouldn't be able to write because all the LAN houses would be closed for Christmas but it turns out they were able to use the computer at the church and send a short email. You'd think after talking to him on Christmas I'd get my fill, but I always want more! Here's his email and a few pictures. Enjoy!

Yo parents, 

We are at the chapel here and so I get to write you guys!! Super excited about that. We talked yesterday but I'm happy that I get to write you guys and I'm hoping we can chat for a little bit. This email might be a little short, so I'll just fill you guys in on anything I forgot yesterday. (I made a list.)

First of all, I loved talking to you guys yesterday. I feel a little sad today because we can't talk like that all the time but it's all good. All just part of the mission experience, you know? 

I'm sending a bunch of pictures today. 

I forgot to mention, I gave my first blessing in Portuguese this week! I gave a couple blessings in the MTC to missionaries in our district but on Tuesday after our district meeting, a sister who has one less transfer than me asked my companion for a blessing, and he asked me to give it (to practice. Trainers are the worst) haha and anyway I did it. I didn't really have time to feel nervous. I love giving blessings -- the first time I ever gave one I was really nervous but it was a miraculous and amazing experience -- and it was the same way. I was led by the Spirit and knew what to say, even in Portuguese. It was an amazing experience. It's amazing how you can just know things about a person and know how to bless them and so on. I'm always amazed after having that experience.

As far as the work goes, we have 2 baptismal dates marked and another investigator committed to be baptized. I'll fill you in more on the details next week, especially if they actually get baptized, haha. We have hope, and I still have "fé de novinho," which is basically greenie over-enthusiasm. So we're hopeful. 

What else can I say? Love you guys. Like I said, it was so great to talk to you. Only 5 short months and we will see each other again! Yesterday was comforting because I've felt like I will never ever see you guys again, but yesterday, I saw you.

Love you guys.

Elder Sederholm

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