Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas Day!

Talking to Nathanael on Christmas was amazing! Of course I cried. It was just so good to see him! He sounds so grown up. I can't believe how much maturity happens in such a short time. They spent their day at the home of his bishop, which I'm grateful for. I'm glad the members take good care of them. Nathanael sent me a copy of their meal calendar and they either eat with the members or the members provide a meal for them every day.

We got to meet Nathanael's companion, Elder Oliviera, for a few minutes. The internet connection was a little spotty because of a huge wind storm in Denver (which actually knocked the power and internet out about 30 minutes after we hung up) so sometimes Skype would freeze, making it a little awkward when Elder Oliviera was talking to us in English and we'd just stare at him but he told us, in English, that he was taking care of Nathanael. It was awesome! I'm glad Nathanael is with a companion that likes to work and is concerned about him. Tender mercies.

As we were about to hang up, I took a couple of pictures of Nathanael on the computer screen. He looks happy!

I spent some time with my quilting friends Kellie and Tammy right before we left for Denver and Tammy was making a weighted blanket for her son. It is supposed to be comforting for people who are struggling with anxiety. As you already know if you've been following along over the last 3 months, Nathanael has been struggling with some anxiety. I decided to make a weighted blanket for him. When I saw this Zelda material, I knew it was perfect! With help from my mom and Cassie, we were able to get it done in one evening. The feel of it on you is actually amazing. Now I just hope it makes it to him in Brazil!

Well, the call to Nathanael made my Christmas. I'm glad he's doing well. As much as I miss him, I'm glad he is where he is, doing what he is doing. I feel like he's on loan to the people of Brazil and as much as I can't wait to get him back, I want him to do as much good as he can while he is there. Merry Christmas!

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