Monday, September 12, 2016

On his way...

Today was the day. Nathanael is on his way to Sao Paulo, Brazil! He should arrive in Sao Paulo about 5:30am tomorrow morning (Utah time, 8:30ish Brazil time) and then report right to the MTC.

Of course the airport was heartwrenching, but through this whole process I have felt such an indescribable joy. As we were riding the escalator down to the Delta check-in counter, we were met with a sea of Elders and Sisters straight from the Provo MTC ready to head out to all corners of the world. As we were trying to navigate the check-in computer, one Elder walked up to us and started talking to Nathanael, offering to help him through the process. I'm so grateful for this Elder. I know Nathanael was feeling anxious, and I think this helped to ease his concerns a little. We were all glad to know that he would not be traveling alone.

After checking in, we found an unoccupied corner where we could sit and chat for a few minutes before he went through security. It didn't take long to meet another Elder who is not only going to the Brazil MTC, but is also going to the Piracicaba mission. It was fun to see them get excited about their upcoming adventure together.

Tears were shed as we hugged and then hugged again and he walked away, turning back to wave a couple of times, and then he was on his way. We are anxiously awaiting his first email.

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