Saturday, May 5, 2018

Super Slacker!!

I am a super slacker and have not posted a letter in so long I'm a little embarrassed to show my face here but the letter we got from Nathanael this week was so good that I have to brave it and stick my head out of the sand. He is doing really well and I'm wanted to share my happiness.


This week was great! We worked hard like mugs once again and things went well. We marked a date yesterday with a 14-year-old girl named Flavia for May 12th. She had a really good experience at church and even cried during sacrament meeting. She has a lot of doubts but she accepted the date so I'm feeling chill about things. We're gonna work with her and help her prepare for everything. 

This week we're gonna have a "mission tour" which means the whole mission's gonna get together in Rio Claro for a conference and we'll have a special guest speaker, Elder Pinho (an area 70 I think!). Should be pretty awesome. I'm excited to see everyone I know and take lots of pictures haha.

Remember when I was in São João way at the beginning of my mission and talked about feeding the monkeys but never went? Well... today I fed monkeys. Actually, there were monkeys there but I fed these animals that look kinda like zabumafoos. I don't know the real name haha. Lemurs? Whatever. It was awesome. I'm sending some photos with this email. 

We also climbed up to the Christ statue. There are no pictures of the statue but I sent some pictures of the view. It was incredible! Poços de Caldas is a huge city! What you see in the picture is only like a fifth of everything. It reminded me of seeing the Salt Lake Valley from the top of Mount Ensign. Very, very, very fun.

I just wanna say that I love being a missionary and that my experience is being wonderful. I have such pride in being able to say I'm a consecrated servant of Jesus Christ. This week I gave my first real training in a district meeting and I was praying before and felt inspired to talk about diligence and it was AWESOME. I felt the Spirit so strongly. One of the things I said that I've been thinking about that I love so much is a quote by Spencer W. Kimball -- "My life is like my shoes, worn out in service." It doesn't matter how tired I am, how hard it gets, or what's going on in my personal life. It is my privilege and grand blessing to be able to wear out my life in the Lord's service. I feel like I finally understand why we are told that missionary service is a privilege. The greatest joy of being a missionary, the joy that every missionary is guaranteed, and the joy that any person is guaranteed while striving to magnify our callings, is the joy of knowing we are serving the Savior with all our heart, might, mind and strength. Maybe my results will not be the same as other missionaries in terms of baptisms, but for the first time on my mission that's not as important to me as knowing that I have given my all to make that happen. How many people in the history of the world have desired to give their lives for God's cause? And I as a missionary have that opportunity symbolically, right here, right now. It is such a blessing. I finally think I understand the difference between the 3rd missionary and the 4th missionary. I am so thankful I haven't baptized very well on my mission. I would have preferred that, but maybe I never would have learned that the joy in serving the Lord is in the service and not in the result. Like President Eyring said in the Priesthood session, "What’s important is that the Lord knows we have served Him." To serve is to be happy.

Well that was my week. I am so grateful for all my blessings and for everything I'm learning and have learned on my mission. I'm excited to go home in a few months but the thought of this ending also makes me so sad. I'll just try to take advantage of every moment while I can.

Thanks for your guys' emails. I sure do miss you guys. What I miss most is just being able to talk to you about things and be with you guys at the end of the day. But soon I'll be home and we'll be able to spend more time together... once in a while ;) But we'll find time to be together. 

I've been less trunky now than maybe at any other time on my mission. I'm looking forward to going home in some ways but the work is at the forefront and it's easy to focus. I'm lucky that my companion is great too. By the way, President Bangerter told me in our interview with him this week that I might train next transfer!!!! Awesome!!!! And, I got permission to go to a temple sealing next month. More on that later. Love you guys tons!!!!

Love you guys!!

Elder Sederholm​