Monday, September 11, 2017

P-day 51: Day 363 - "I feel like when it ends I'll be caught by surprise."

So good to hear from Nathanael! I can't believe it's been a year. How can time go so fast and drag all at the same time? I'm super proud of the person Nathanael is.

Who knows what crazy things they are up to in these pictures but...


What a week! This week has kind of had pros and cons. Like always, right? Some of the good things:

I have a year!!! It's kind of awesome, and also kinda freaky! I feel like it's passing so much faster than I thought it would. I've kinda talked about that feeling already, but it's strange. I feel like when it ends I'll be caught by surprise.

Our Sunday was good. We unfortunately didn't have too many people in church, but I had another really good experience taking the sacrament. When I took it I felt such a feeling of peace, forgiveness and renewal. I heard Elder Holland say in a video that the sacrament is the most dramatic way we can weekly show God that we want to follow Him (or something like that). I'm kind of a dramatic guy so I like that a lot! I think I'm learning that life can be stressful but if God in the little quiet moments from time to time gives us feelings of peace and encouragement, we're on the right track and can relax.

I fasted this week. I had a hard couple of days and decided I needed an extra boost. (And I forgot to fast on fast Sunday. It was convenient actually.) I had a lot of worrying going on and I feel like I was blessed as a result of that fast to have a few really good ideas that comforted me. I was thinking about times in my life where I felt like I didn't know what to do, and sometimes I feel feelings of peace, like everything's gonna be all right, but I don't feel specific guidance or an answer to a really hard question, which can be frustrating. I was reading back and a while ago I wrote in my journal, "what does it mean when I pray saying 'what should I do?' and the overwhelming answer is, 'you're gonna be fine?'" But I was thinking about that during my fast and it all made a lot more sense to me. I think sometimes God leaves things to us, assures us that no matter what we'll come out on the other end ok, and lets us struggle and use our agency and try our hardest to figure things out, and in that process we grow. When we've grown the way He wanted, we can move on. I think that more or less makes sense. At least that's how it's been in my life. So that was good news for me.

So transfers are actually gonna be next week, but this week my companion goes home and I'll be in a trio with the other companionship, which should be sort of crazy and sort of good, I hope. I've really enjoyed being with Elder Andrade. He's taught me a lot and we've been able to have really good union in our companionship which I'm happy about.

So that's been our week. Thanks guys, and I can't wait to talk to you!!!
Elder Sederholm